CHILD USA's Ambassadors are a volunteer corps of individuals delivering a message of empowerment for child victims through legal and policy reform.  The Ambassadors help promote the CHILD USA nonprofit organization's mission to protect children from abuse and neglect through facts, analysis and research.


Justin Conway, Ambassador

Justin Conway is a brave survivor of child sex abuse who helped changed Georgia law with his activism. Justin has always been a fierce competitor, winning a gold medal in taekwondo at Junior Olympics and competing at tournaments around the world.  Like many elite athletes in the news, there was a dark secret hidden behind his early successes. After graduating from Villanova University and beginning a career in conservation, his life began to fall apart. His battle with depression and alcohol almost cost him his life. Through determination and what he refers to as Grace, he slowly began to turn his life around.  He was the first of many men who came forward to authorities and named the karate instructor who sexually abused them as children. Although the Georgia Bureau of Investigation found the allegations credible, the District Attorney was unable to prosecute because the statute of limitations had run out. Refusing to give up, Justin worked tirelessly with legislators to successfully pass Georgia’s Hidden Predator Act, which unlocked courthouse doors to survivors and helps protect children from abusers.

Lyndsy Gamet, Ambassador

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For years, Lyndsy Gamet has advocated for giving a voice to the voiceless.  Helping older adults in Michigan to access food and medical assistance has been, and continues to be, a rewarding career.  After years of abuse at the hands of her doctor and mentor, Larry Nassar, Lyndsy came to terms with her abuse and found her voice.  She was able to be part of the hundreds of survivors to help put Nassar in prison and protect children from their abusers.

Lindsy's related work includes nonprofit organization advocacy and legislative efforts to hold individuals and institutions accountable for turning a blind eye (and covering up) sexual abuse.  It is Lyndsy’s mission to help victims of sexual abuse and to find and amplify their voice.  Voices who have been silenced for decades can and should be heard.  She believes that the path to change includes accountability and justice; which, can be achieved through sharing our stories.

Danielle Pollack

Danielle Pollack, Ambassador

Danielle Pollack has been a life-long advocate for women and children. After earning a Masters Degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Pollack began policy work in Europe with the chief negotiator of the Oslo Peace Accords.  She worked closely with UN agencies, the World Bank, a coalition of 30 mayors from every continent, and many civil society and nonprofit organizations.

After nearly a decade in Europe, Pollack returned to the U.S. where she has been an active advocate on Family Court reforms and child sexual assault issues.  Pollack supported the effort for legislative reform on Statute of Limitations law regarding child sex abuse survivors in New York. She brought together diverse constituency groups to create and implement strategies to remove sex offender housing positioned less than one mile from playgrounds and schools in residential New York City neighborhoods.

As Ambassador for Families in Crisis for CHILD USA, Pollack is developing a comprehensive program using evidence-based legal, medical, and social science research to reform Family Court standards for responding to child abuse, especially child sexual abuse. Pollack strongly values working closely with policymakers and civil society partners to create systemic changes which safeguard rights for women and children.